Testimonials – Feedback from Past Clients

The feedback below have been randomly selected from the feedback received from clients that we have offered our services in the past. If you have used our services in the past and would like to give us feedback, please use the contact us form or contact the support team. We encourage positive and negative feedback from clients since we depend on the feedback to perfect our services and ensure that all our clients are happy with the cheap essay writing services that we offer


I am happy with my essay. I placed the order with only two hours to the deadline and was really happy that writer ID 559874 was able to complete the essay in one and a half hours. I have read the essay and I can say that I am very happy with the service. Thanks for the great service –

Irene, Yorkshire, UK

Emma from the support team was great. She assured me that my capstone project would be completed in a timely manner and true to her word, I got the paper on time. Pass my gratitude to the writer

James, New York, USA

I initially used the website to get assistance with a reference letter that my employer had asked me to write so that he could then sign it. The letter was well written and definitely played a key role in ensuring that I was admitted to the university that I was applying to. For the last two years, I have used this website for my college essay and I am more than happy with the quality of the essay. Am now on my final year and will definitely need you service for my final research project

John, Los Angeles, USA

Prices are low and quality is really very good. Well done guys and keep up doing the amazing job

Peris, Irvine, Scotland

I was about to give up on my history paper after having it turned down three times. My friend suggested the website to me and it has ended up been the best suggestions ever. The history essay was just Amazing and on time

Becker, Munich, Germany

I do not leave feedback that often but I feel obliged to do so. The economics research paper that compared GDP of Korea and Japan was what I needed. I am fully satisfied with the services and really sure that will use your services for the near future

Li, Seoul, South Korea

I just want to appreciate the writer for delivering my paper in 4 hours

Michael, Sunderland, UK

I loved the fact that I interacted directly with the writer and got regular drafts. This helped ensure that the final paper was just perfect

Adriano, Milan, Italy

I will be using the essay service again next week. The prices are affordable to students like me while quality is really good. How I wish I knew about the site before. Love you guys

David, Atlanta, USA

The discussion post was delivered in a timely manner. A big thank you

Stacey, Michigan, USA

Thanks for standing with me and coming to my help at a time when I thought I was going to end up failing the course

Miller, Cork, Ireland

I do not have enough words to explain what you guys have done to me. This is just great

Lolita, Barcelona, Spain

Even though the essay received was ok, there were not enough examples and references. I requested for the paper to be revised and was really surprised that this website offers free revisions. Thanks!

Precious, Chicago, USA

I was informed that my preferred writer was busy and was somehow worried that the new writer would not be able to meet my expectations. Really happy that the new writer is as good as the other writer. Now I have two preferred writers

Mary, Kansas, USA

Magic work. You are the world to me. 1000 words essay in 2 hrs and GOOD QUALITY

Lee, Sunderland, UK

You have saved me from repeating the entire module. Thanks to the team

Michelle, Paris, France

Guidelines were followed and essay delivered on time. Am happy with this website and you can count on me using the services for many times

Li, Beijing, China

Thanks for paraphrasing the 3000 words essay in a very short time. I have avoided an F

Emma, Avenue Park, USA

The results of my Research Paper that you assisted me with are out. I have done really well as I am among the top five students. Thanks for everything

Ray, Cape Town, South Africa

The business research methods course was really a challenge and I almost gave up. The research proposal that you completed for me has already been approved. Will soon be ordering the research paper

Cathy, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I am glad that I took my chance and did not dismiss my friend after he recommended this website. I have excelled in my statistics project

Ochola, Nairobi, Kenya

I want to appreciate cheap essay writing service.net for making sure that I avoided the wrath of my teacher. The essay on Second World War was not easy to me and thanks a lot for making sure that I performed well on the essay

Loise, Sydney, Australia

From the word go, the writer knew very well what I needed. I cannot fault anything. Everything from customer support, contact with the writer, and even the plagiarism report was 100% spot on

Ahmed, Dubai, UAE

This is without a doubt the best essay service website. I scored 68 in my Biology Paper

Margret, Detroit, USA

Really good and reliable essay service. The psychology paper was for sure written specifically for me. Am happy I now know about this website as I will be using their services on regular basis.

Prince, Colorado, USA

I have already got my graduation letter after the dissertation you edited for me was assessed and considered to have meet all the criteria required in order for me to be able to graduate. I have never doubted your services since you are always professional. Will be recommending my friends to the company as I know that they will soon find themselves in need of the essay services

Kareem, Mecca, KSA

My friends asked me to be cautious as the prices charged were cheap and they were not sure whether the quality will be high. Am happy that I took my chances. It feels that I have just found what I have been looking for a long time (an affordable essay company that also writes quality essays). I have been amazed by the quality of the critical review paper I received. I am now a loyal customer.

Tamara, Sydney, Australia

I have used your services for the last three months and I have nothing to say. The Carrefour Case Study that you just wrote for me last week has been marked and I got 72%. I cannot say anything bad about this website. Dominic has been a customer representative and has always assured me that my work will be delivered in time and I have never been failed

Zayed, Abu Dhabi , UAE

The personal statement for my university admission was good since I got the admission letter. I hope to use your services to help me with my coursework once I start studying in the university

Ching, China

I have scored 100 out of 100 in the multiple choice questions

Agnes, Toronto, Canada

Even though I felt stupid when placing the order as I had left it to the last minute, it turns out that was the best decision since even if I had done the project on my own, I would have ended up submitting a poor quality project. Writer ID 597884 did a marvelous job. Thanks!.

Fajid, Dohar, Qatar

If it was not for this website, I would have already given up on my studies as my lecturers are demanding a lot from the students. The report and the presentation were just WOW

Josephine, Ontario, Canada

I have used many essay writing websites in the past and without any doubts, this is the best. The ordering process is simple, prices are good for students, and essays are good quality

Mark, Coventry, UK

I cannot ask for anything else. You offered me more than I expected considering that your prices were among the lowest when compared to what others were charging

Kevin, Phoenix, USA

How the writer managed to write 5 pages annotated bibliography in 6 hours after I had struggled with it for over 3 days is still something I am yet to understand. Please pass my gratitude to the entire team

Leah, Summerville, USA

Was a bit worried since our first essay at college ended up been quite complicated. I was fortunate to have found this site. You literally deliver everything you promise. My essays have all be great

Lillian, Canberra, Australia